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Safe and efficient tree maintenance in Wellington

Expert tree trimming & maintenance

Premier Tree Surgeons is a professional tree maintenance service operating in and around Wellington. Our arborists offer complete tree services, including tree trimming and maintenance, and garden maintenance. Our team can safely trim your trees quickly and efficiently to help rejuvenate your outdoor spaces.


Regular trimming and pruning of trees is highly important for the trees' long-term health. Proper tree maintenance can promote healthy, positive growth and give a new lease of life to struggling trees.

This is especially important for fruit trees, which we can help produce a more flavourful harvest. Headaches and migraines
Expert trimming the bushes
tree work in progress


Tree maintenance is a task best left to the experts. The team Wellington's Premier Tree Surgeons can safely and efficiently maintain your garden, taking the hassle out of your hands. 

Our risk-free approach emphasises safety, which means you can have your tree maintained while keeping peace of mind.  


If you have unwanted tree branches in your garden, allow Premier Tree Surgeons to take it off your hands. 

Our tree maintenance team, based in Wellington, can give your back or front yard extra space for a new garden bed or lawn. 

You'll be surprised at just how much more space can be gained from removing unwanted branches from your property. 
View of trees in the garden
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