When Do You Need Wellington Tree Removal Services?

It can be difficult to decide to move a tree, especially if you’re a nature lover or have a sentimental attachment to it. Premier Trees is a professional Wellington tree removal and maintenance company offering expert tree care, trimming and safe and precise removal when needed. If you’re unsure whether or not a tree needs to be removed, consider some of the following points.

Invasive Or Non-Desirable Species

There are several undesirable trees in New Zealand that should be removed as they wreak havoc on native plants. These undesirables include Cyathea cooperi (Australian Tree Fern), Rhododendron ponticum (Wild Rhododendron) and Ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig Tree).

Check The Health Of The Tree

If more than half of the tree is damaged, it’s likely to decline and die off. Such a tree should be removed before it causes any harm.

Trunk Damage

Wounds, vertical cracks or dead branch stubs in the trunk can indicate internal decay. If more than a quarter of the tree is damaged, it may be beyond repair.

Broken Tree Tops Or Large Dead Branches

Large, damaged branches can pose serious danger to people and the surrounding environment and could be cause for a tree to be removed.

Branches On One Side Of The Tree Dying

If branches on only one side of the tree have died off, it could cause the tree to lose balance and topple. Remove it before this happens.


Some types of fungus are associated with root damage. A damaged root system or internal rot can cause serious harm and should be seen to by an arborist.

Power Line Proximity

Trees that are too close to a power line need to be thinned out at the very least. If trees are too tall, they could grow into the power lines, which can cause significant trouble and power failures.

Tree History

If the tree has had a history of causing problems, breakage or disease, it’s time to remove it.

Available Space

Is the tree going to grow too big for its surrounding environment? A tree may not be a problem now but should be removed before it has an opportunity to cause damage.

Are you looking for fast, safe Wellington tree removal? Premier Trees are happy to offer you an obligation free quote for our services. To find out more, get in touch today.